Oh dear! Excuse the typo error. I meant the Lions of Punjab since I am personally & always immensely impressed with men of courage, wisdom and vision. Somehow my title went into sounding into an innuendo.  I will choose the liberty of thinking that perhaps those with a sense of humour would enjoy this inconsequential comedy of errors!

Infact, I do think that I posses a rather healthy and liberal sense of humour. What is life without a hearty laugh and comical twists of absurd yet funny incidents? Pick up the newspaper and it will tickle your mind with some of the most bizarre & fantastical stories you will ever hear or read. I must say our new breed of journalists have learnt to grow a funny bone and have taught us the same. Interestingly our new age news makers don’t fail to amuse and entertain either.

Recently, I read an article about Kunal Deshmukh’s aspirational directorial piece which he is calling Raja Natwarlal, so sadly, based on his ill-informed references of a major business tycoon, Mr.Subrata Roy Sahara, who is currently in a legal turmoil with the SEBI. For those who haven’t heard of Kunal Deshmukh I am not surprised. He is a dot in the massive Entertainment industry with his directorial ventures mostly revolving around Love, Sex and Drama. What is really baffling and worth mentioning is the ignorance that Deshmukh displays. I mean come on! A new age, educated 32 year old, metro-sexual man with such a horrible grasp on current affairs?

Where on earth did he learn that Subrata Roy’s business dealt with chit funds? Who on earth told him that he is in a legal turmoil because of some non-existent property scam?  Mr.Deshmukh when you plan to enlighten us with your vision (I’d love to call them nightmares) and creative non-genius, atleast get your facts correct! So much for a spin with so few, rather, zero hard facts! Your statement only projects a pathetic attempt to exhibition your inspiration as “more 'shocking' and 'in-depth' than your last one” & your dumbness is both laughable and pitiable.

And there goes my hunger for a good laugh, fed. LOLs, ROTL..!!! Feed people only trivia and entertainment, you will wither their appetite & feed them nonsense, you will surely food poison them! I wouldn’t get into the elaborate details of what the SAHARA SEBI issue is about but in a gist it’s been revolving around SEBI’s conceited claim over investor protection arguing that Sahara’s business practices are unhealthy and harm the depositors. Sahara is an enormously diversified Indian conglomerate employing around 12 lacs employees with business interests in Motion Pictures, Hospitality, Para-banking (Mr.Deshmukh! you must, especially, Google Parabanking before you ignorantly ramble some mumbo jumbo about the subject and embarrass yourself further..!!!!), Retail, etc. Sahara has never been in the business of Chit funds and most certainly never in Lotteries either.

When someone like a Kunal Deshmukh makes such juvenile, foolish, ill informed statements, it’s scary!!! He comes from bracket of an industry that moulds impressions. So the least you expect from him is sound and good research on his subject of inspiration. Just making appearances match, doesn’t do the job. And if you are ill- informed on the subject then admit so. Saves you the embarrassment! Has he ever interviewed Mr.Subrata Roy? Has he reached out to his family for his research or spoken with his employees, ever? Has he ever made any intelligent enquiry about his businesses, as a part of his study?

assuming the answer is, No! What is even more amusing is what the journalist, Ms. Priya Gupta, finds interesting about the similarities. Being a journalist, I thought she knew the undertones of the Sahara SEBI issue and would have utilised the opportunity to dispel some myths about the matter.  She could have very easily burst Mr.Deshmukh’s bubble and conducted some responsible reporting.

G.K. Chesterton once said, “Journalism largely consists in saying "Lord Jones is dead" to people who never knew Lord Jones was alive.” Ms.Gupta, i thought you had more substance in you than taking a jab at a man who is much more seasoned than you are, experienced more life than you ever will, struggled his way up to accomplishments and fathers an army of loyal, hard working & honest workforce. Lead these many men; first, in your lifetime tell and then us what you found interesting about that. Likewise for you Mr.Deshmukh! Your Goliath emerges to lack any soul or intensity. Your statements in Media are imbecile and your knowledge of the subject is appalling. You sure you haven’t mixed David for Goliath? Or perhaps in your fit of ignorance you’ve drawn an incorrect analogy. You should probably draw the parallel with IGNORAMUS & STUPIDUS!! I already feel bad for myself for having apologised for my accidental innuendo, in the beginning. Mr.Deshmukh hasn’t even offered his! I knew he was ignorant and ill read, what I didn’t know was that he lacked mannerisms, too.

My commiserations to your nightmare “Raja Natwarlal”, Sir and my LOLs and ROTLs too!!! Also, please accept my loaded statements with puns and jabs at your intelligence, with no prospect of an apology!

Column: Why is Sebi finding it difficult to track Sahara investors?

Arun Kejriwal
The imbroglio involving the Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) and Subrata Roy-led Sahara Group is not a simple case of money being taken and not returned to investors; neither is it a shady deal like the Saradha scam.
The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had overseen the refund of over Rs 22,000 crore to about 40 million Sahara investors by a handpicked committee a few years ago. Neither the committee faced the problem of identifying investors nor it doubted their existence.
Certainly, the apex bank has greater knowledge of investors, and a refund of this amount of money to such a large base of investors was a mammoth task. When RBI could do it, why is Sebi finding issues with the same set of investors as claimed by Sahara.
One must understand that the turf over which Sahara operates is with people who are unbankable. Returns offered by Sahara are in sync with the prevailing market rates and are not, therefore, unsustainable or in any way leading to instability.
The Sahara scheme is not a pyramid scheme and does not offer returns which can only be shown on paper. The rates vary in the range of 8-10 per cent, which is the current bank rate in the country.
Sebi in its wisdom says that since majority of the 20,000-odd people to whom it sent mails about their deposits did not respond, they are bogus or non-existent. The kind of questionnaire sent by the market regulator is beyond the realm of a well-read person and needs a high degree of expertise to be filled in and returned.
Secondly, when a person is asked to contact the Sebi headquarters in Mumbai for a refund of Rs 8,000, he/she feels it is not worth it. Thirdly, if the investor has already been refunded by Sahara, why should he claim a bogus or double refund? The most interesting aspect of the episode is that the same 20,000-odd investors from whom Sebi did not receive reply, Sahara got KYC and refund discharge vouchers in the standard prescribed and accepted form from over 16,000 people.
RBI refunded about Rs 22,000 crore is not acceptable to Sebi. The regulator is not willing to work with Sahara.
Sebi is not able to locate investors and yet it wants more money. Why and for what is something that Sebi needs to answer? In the Saradha case, which rocked West Bengal last year, thousands of investors came out to protest and there were a few cases of suicides as well.
Why do not we see similar protests in the Sahara case if there are millions of unpaid investors as claimed by Sebi? I believe in the current situation it makes sense for Sebi to seek help of bodies concerned in reaching out to the investors and seeing that the money due is refunded at the earliest.
The Supreme Court has also said that if Sahara's help is taken in doing so, there is no reason why the investors cannot be found and their rightful money be repaid. Like I said in the beginning, the case of Sebi versus Sahara is not one of investor protection but something which goes beyond that.


Let’s Imagine! Imagine Charlie Chaplin not being the legendary comedian that he was. Or Arnold Swarzeneger not the action icon we all know him as. Imagine Sachin Tendulkar not being the celebrated cricketer but a regular 9 to 5 school teacher or if electricity was never invented. What would it be like if Newton had never discovered the Law of Gravity or Einstein had not made those elaborate inventions?  What if Elvis continued driving trucks or Satyajit Ray wasn’t an illustrious story teller? Difficult and rather unfamiliar and absurd hypothesis! Would these people be still famous, brilliant and celebrated if they were not in their chosen professions? What would have our lives been like in the absence of these people or their world changing contributions to humanity? The answer can only be left to one’s imagination and with no certainty can anyone claim that they be who they are today or what would our existence been like, if these men were not true to their calling.

Now for a moment, let’s imagine a bit further. Would Sahara India have avoided the existential crisis, they are in today, had they not chosen to provide a sound, secure & lawful financial structure to a stratum of the society who has always stood ignored amongst the tall claims of social and economic development? What would the lives and future of these millions of depositors would have been like if they didn’t have a secure medium to invest and save and flourish? What would the future of the children growing in these millions of households have hold? Would they be educated? Would there be employment for the unemployed or the less skilled or the poor? Would there have been economic empowerment for the have nots who do not have the means or the sanction to even hold a bank account or a legitimate Id? Would the chief of Sahara India, Subrata Roy, have saved himself the witch hunt by a National Regulator or avoided jail had he chosen to create a lush empire and focused on serving himself rather than serving the people? Such a swarm of hypotheticals starting with just one simple question, “Imagine?”

Sadly, there are no simple answers. Only simple questions. The answers are complex, unfathomable and lead down to a road of nefarious possible motives, juxtapositions & outcomes. SEBI’s motives juxtaposed with the Court’s senseless brickbat blows on the Sahara Chief only adds insult to the common man’s understanding of productive regulation and fair justice. Even more dangerously, the imagination of SEBI and the Courts have taken a turn for the worse and seem to be more heavily invested in feeding their own egos, their illogic and mindless banter rather than using that imagination to serve and secure.

Currently, SEBI has been claiming that investor accounts provided by Sahara are fictitious and the regulator’s independent verification has failed to make any headway. SEBI so far has been able to repay less than 1 crore rupees to OFCD investors even though  its been 18 months since Sahara deposited 5,120 crore rupees with the market watchdog. Interestingly, in 2008, Sahara had paid back around 4 crore depositors under strict supervision of Reserve Bank of India. The central bank, then, did not stumble upon any such fictitious account and the OFCD issue had almost same set of investors. So is SEBI imagining these investors as fictitious or is it disguising its incompetence. To further add to the comedy of errors, the Supreme Court has expressed its displeasure over SEBI’s tardy pace in verifying these investor accounts in Sahara’s OFCD issue. I can only imagine the embarrassment the courts must be facing at the hands of the regulator’s malfunction. And who is paying the price for all this mockery. The innocent, the lawful and the poor!

Let’s tax our imagination one more time and explore another set premise. What if Sahara is innocent? What if the Sahara supremo is being wrongfully accused and punished? Is SEBI acting in the best interest of the depositors or is it blinded by its punitive sense of dominion? What would it be like if SEBI realized and acknowledged that these investors in question are for real? What would it be like if there was no Sahara to begin with? Are these questions that have real and heavy implications or are they just plain rhetoric?

The answers can only be left to unfold as time and events pass by. The outcomes would be real and the consequences can either set unhealthy & dire precedents or can pave way to a truthful, mindful and fair premise. Just IMAGINE..!!!


As funny as it may appear but the Sahara Sebi issue strangely reminds me of
Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice”. For those who did not comprehend the
context, I’ll draw the parallel for you. SEBI disguised as the vindictive,
devious Shylock, drags Antonio (in this case Sahara) to reinforce his absurd
claim to Antonio’s 1 pound of flesh (interestingly the pound of flesh here
refers to the approximately 20,000 crores). As readers, we all knew that
Shylock was nothing short of killing Antonio in the court of law. A
befitting analogy to the Sahara Sebi dispute.

As preposterous as the title may sound, the witch hunt against the Sahara
supremo, Subrata Roy Sahara, is inches away of being an ill intentioned
corporate honour killing in progress by the highest authorities perched in
position of power and clout in India. A vicious attempt to execute an entire
corporate just to see it go on its knees bleeding, only to entertain the
prejudicial whims of a few.

Before this takes any form of further elaboration, an immediate look at the
economic quicksand we as an economy are in may add some perspective to what
you all will feed your minds with further down this piece. On one hand,
unemployment, fiscal deficits, an all time low in entrepreneurship and
inflation are some of the fiends we hope to fight off in the ongoing
elections. The gap between the haves and the have nots only deepens. On the
other hand, we have a senseless, irrational litigation running in the courts
against Sahara at the behest of SEBI, which until now has served absolutely
no purpose, lacks any grain of logic or fiscal sensibility and appears to be
making a mockery of our judicial system.

The Supreme Court epitomizes the judicial soul of the country.  An extremely
powerful entity that has the privilege and the clout of imparting judicial
discourse and lending sensibility in much senseless times we live in. What
does not make sense is when these minds of logic and intellect facilitate in
pronouncing judgement and infer, rather impose, guilt upon Sahara without
any grain of proof and assist an absurd claim of a regulator to a pound of
flesh that a) only reveals the regulator’s prejudicial & draconian approach
towards fiscal regulation in a free democratic country and b) severely
impairs the business sensibilities and economics of growth and development.

Subrata Roy, perhaps is the only corporate leader who comes from the region
of UP, Bihar, Rajasthan or MP. He can be attributed to have brought UP onto
the map of corporate leadership apart from its pre-existing electoral might
that UP is already known for. He has infact spawned employment for thousands
of people, catalyzed entrepreneurs, contributed massively to state revenues
and GDP and heavily fuelled CSR initiatives not just at a state but at a
national level too. He has gifted the poor with economic empowerment and
generated a fiscal device of investment and savings for these have nots.

SEBI’s claims about Sahara’s business practices hold no metal & more
dangerously are premised on an assumption. Having failed to verify the
thousands of documents and the veracity of the Sahara investors, SEBI has
assumed to put the blame of its malfunction on an assumption that these
investors are “fictitious”. This coming from the national regulator is an
extremely hazardous premise. How can a regulator be so negligent and
irrational in hurling such grave allegations when they themselves have not
fulfilled the obligations of due diligence that is pending at their end.
Having failed to do so, they have not only declared a war against a
corporate whose business, in the absence of any proof, stands absolutely
legitimate but have also cloaked their incompetency by pronouncing Sahara
guilty. Again, no proof of that too!

Assumptions are dangerous toys in the hands of a mindless child here. It is
the knife with which SEBI intends of extract its pound of flesh. For moment
here, let’s walk into the dangerous premise of that assumption and assume
that SEBI is granted its wish. It takes its pound of flesh of Sahara. Sahara
compromises and pays the disputed amount to SEBI. Now, having done that what
I would really like to know is how does SEBI plans to distribute this money
amongst the investors, who it in the first place, according to SEBI, were
fictitious? More so, if even we assume that by some work of miracle they do
locate these investors, shoves the money down their throats which, to begin
with, these depositors intended to keep invested, where do these depositors
take this money? This question is important because these investors are
daily rickshaw pullers, small roadside vendors and daily wage earners who
probably do not hold a 7 vault safe in their houses. If they have permanent
houses in the first place is also dubious. They are not account holders and
definitely lurking around the poverty line. Has SEBI worked on an alternate
investment plan for these investors if they wish to continue investing their
money? How does SEBI plans to ensure the financial health, whatever little
they may have? For future where do these small depositors go for their
savings because the only avenue they had as Sahara is already standing with
more than its pound of flesh missing and hemorrhaging to death?

A regulator and especially the courts cannot drop the burden of substantial
proof, moral & social obligations of their assessments and most certainly
cannot entertain prejudicial whims and eccentricities. Their roles have been
carved and evolved in a democratic society only to protect, serve and
nurture. Witch hunts and executions have no room where “Where words come out
from the depth of truth, Where tireless striving stretches its arms towards
perfection, Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way, Into the

dreary desert sand of dead habit...”. Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone


The Supreme Court is set to hear Sahara chief Subrata Roy’s petition on Tuesday. Sahara has raised some points over its legal battle with stock market regulator Sebi

    Sahara says it has already paid 93% of the investors. Per investor average deposit is of 8,400. Hence, it can be repaid in cash as per law 
    In last 17 months, Sebi repaid only 1 cr and is holding 5619 cr (including interest), argues Sahara 
    No verification process has been started by Sebi in the last 17 months, disobeying court’s August 31, 2012 order, the company says 
    Sahara offered guarantee of the entire amount through bank trustee security; but when it was rejected, the company says it offered irrevocable bank guarantee. This has not been accepted 
    At the heart of the matter lies Sebi’s demand, under directions of the Supreme Court, of an additional 20,000 crore along with 15% interest to investors 
    The company says Sebi has alleged that Sahara’s investors are fictitious and untraceable 

    Sahara says that in 2008, it had repaid around 4 crore depositors under supervision of the Reserve Bank of India 
    The company says in response to Sebi’s assertion that many of the 20,000 letters to depositors didn’t elicit a response, Sahara had submitted affidavits and KYC documents confirming their existence 
    Sahara says it remains Sebi’s responsibility to ascertain the authenticity of its claim that it has repaid most of their money 

    If Sebi continues to insist that investors do not exist, then, by the same logic, the regulating body — born out of the specific mandate of protecting investors — also ceases to have any further stake or role to play in the case, the company said in a statement 
    Sahara says a proper verification process has not been implemented to ascertain the existence of its depositors — despite conclusive evidence forwarded to Sebi in the form of original documents, repayment vouchers and receipts 
    Sahara says as a market regulator, Sebi does not have the power to regulate unlisted entities. Sebi is looking to sell properties belonging to third parties which have been kept as security with Sebi, even when it has no authority to effect any such sale without the consent of the titleholders of the properties

Statement from Shri Smanto R Roy, Executive Director, Sahara India Pariwar

At a Press Conference on 28th February, 2014

Good Morning Everybody

On behalf of the Sahara India Pariwar, We welcome you all
We are meeting at a time when our organization has been very wrongly interpreted and presented in public against the backdrop of the ongoing Sahara – Sebi case.

As the matter is Sub-judice, we cannot bring forward many things pertaining to the case but being an organization like Sahara India Pariwar with a base of more than crores and crores of investors and having kartvyayogis in tune of 12 lakh, we feel it is our moral right and duty to come forward and dispel some misconceptions which are being created by parties having vested interest in the dust of ongoing dispute.

As you are aware of the happenings in this case and the developments of last two days, we wish to put forward the facts for the understanding of our esteemed investors / customers / kartavyayogi karyakartas, associates and business partners / our well wishers and public at large.

·        On 20th Feb’14, Hon’ble supreme court orders our Chairman Sri Subrata Roy Sahara (Saharasri Ji) and 3 other directors to appear in person in Hon’ble supreme court to be a part of the proceeding of that particular day related to the ongoing dispute of our two companies namely Sahara India Real Estate Corporation Ltd and Sahara India Housing & Investment Corporation Ltd with Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

·        On 22nd Feb’14, Saharasri Ji arrives in Delhi to have one on one meetings with our Senior Legal Counsels namely Shri Ram Jethmalani  & Shri Aryama Sundaram and thereafter to attend the proceedings in Hon’ble supreme court on 26th Feb’14 along with other three Directors

·        On 23rd Feb’14, Saharasri Ji meets both Senior Counsels Shri Ram Jethmalani and Shri Aryama Sundaram at their respective residences in New Delhi.

·        On 24th Feb’14, towards late evening Saharasri Ji is informed that the health condition of his mother Smt. Chabbi Roy, aged 92 years, who has been unwell for some time and is being attended and treated at Sahara Hospital in Lucknow, has suddenly deteriorated and her situation is critical.

·        Saharasri Ji being the eldest child of his mother and also being very attached to her decided to go back to Lucknow immediately with a private charter to be with his ailing mother at this critical moment as any son would have done in order to fulfill his emotional duties and obligations  towards his mother.

·        After arriving in Lucknow and understanding his mother’s fragile conditions Saharasri Ji decides to stay back in Lucknow to ensure proper support and care for his ailing mother.

·        Having taken this decision absolutely on Humanitarian and Emotional grounds he was also conscious of the directions given by Hon’ble Supreme Court. Therefore, he instructs the legal team to move an application to the Hon’ble Supreme Court immediately seeking an exemption from the hearing for that particular day. While the rest of three directors were to attend the proceedings, his inability to attend was also communicated in writing to our Senior Counsels personally by Saharasri Ji citing the reasons in detail.

·        Accordingly the very next day i.e. 25th Feb’14 our senior counsels Shri Ram Jethmalani and Shri Ganesh move a special application for seeking personal exemption along with a medical certificate issued by Padamshree Dr. Mansoor Hasan Head of Cardiology Department of the best Hospital in City of Lucknow run  by Sahara India Pariwar, which clearly states the fragile and deteriorating condition of Saharasri Ji’s Mother.

·        Accordingly the same matter was mentioned in front of the special bench, however the Hon’ble Justices did not grant us the short relief citing the reason as their inability to modify the order dated 20th Feb’14, subsequently Hon’ble Justices asked our counsel to take up the matter on the date of hearing that is 26th Feb,’14.

·        It is pertinent to mention that the condition of Saharasri Ji’s Mother continued to remain fragile and he decided to stay back in Lucknow at the side of his mother during this extremely critical phase hoping that Hon’ble Supreme Court will consider his request on humanitarian grounds. In spite of being so emotionally low Saharasri Ji again writes a personal letter to Shri Ram Jethmalani Ji expressing his helplessness to leave lucknow with a request to read out this letter during the court hearing .

·        On 26th Feb,’14 Senior Counsel Shri Ram Jethmalani informs the special bench about Saharasri Ji’s inability to be present in Hon’ble Supreme Court to attend the hearing on 26th February due to the critical condition of his mother. However, the justices pass an order to serve non bailable warrant in the name of Saharasri Ji and in order to ensure the presence on the next date of hearing i.e. on 4th March ’14.

·        On 27th Feb’14 Sahara files a special application seeking the recall of the non-bailable warrant issued with an undertaking of Saharasri Ji to be present on 4th March’14 without fail. On 27th Feb’, 14 evening, Lucknow police visits Sahara Shaher in Gomtinagar Lucknow to serve the warrant to Saharasri Ji.

·        During the same time, he was out of Sahara Shaher Lucknow to consult with the panel of doctors with certain medical reports of his mother and then also to visit a lawyer’s residence.

·        On his return late in the evening, Saharasri Ji was informed by the family members about the police visit and about the news appearing in certain section of India across the country.

·        On 28th Feb’14, in the early morning hours, as a law abiding citizen he willfully decides to submit himself to Lucknow police based on the warrant issued and asks them to proceed with their call of duty as per the directions given by Hon’ble Supreme Court.

·        Today morning, our senior counsels have again approached Hon’ble Supreme Court with a plea and a personal appeal from Saharasri Ji to recall the non-bailable warrant as he has willfully submitted himself to the Lucknow police. He gave an assurance to be present in Hon’ble Supreme Court on the day of next hearing i.e. 4th March’14.

·        At this moment, as we speak Saharasri Ji is with UP police and cooperating wholeheartedly with all the authorities in order to ensure the direction given by Hon’ble Supreme Court.

For the consumption of all those who are associated directly or indirectly, nationally and globally, with us, we wish to reiterate the fact that Sahara India Pariwar has always put our beloved nation ahead of any business interest and have always have ensured compliance to the law of the land across our businesses and processes.

From a humble beginning in 1978, Sahara India Pariwar has created many milestones in the journey and today we have a huge asset base which includes our 12Lac + karyakartas and crores and crores of investors. In the past also, we have faced many difficulties and each time we have reemerged more strongly and firmly. In our endeavor to build our nation, we not only diversified our business in the country but also expanded globally.

As you are aware that we are fighting an ongoing long legal battle and are confident that it will arrive to its logical conclusion soon, having stated the above, as a responsible business organization with high level of discipline and ethics we are committed to abide by the law of the land as we have been practicing always.

Last but not the least,  Sri Subrata Roy Sahara to me is not only a doting father but also a patriotic son of the soil who has contributed immensely to the country in many ways whether it is various social causes impacting lives of people across the length and breadth of the country or whenever India needed its son to stand up and shoulder responsibilities like helping the families of Kargil martyrs,  Mumbai terrorist attack martyrs and  victims of earth quacks, floods and other forms of natural calamity. Today it pains me to see his reputation and image being maligned in this manner and I humbly seek your support and cooperation.

In the end I would like to read a small message Hon’ble Saharasri Ji

“My office, my collegues, my family members are continuously getting calls, sms etc from media friends, relatives. They want to hear from me. All I want to say is This Is The Best Honour My Country Could Give Me

Thanking you,
Sahara Pranam.  

Sahara Q Shop launches Quality Mobile Shop Reaches last mile to provide 100% unadulterated products

·        181 Quality Mobile Shops (QMS) rolled out in first phase in 5 states to reach tier II/III cities and strengthen supply network

·        QMS is on-road replica of Sahara Q Shop’s brick-and-mortar stores; Model never attempted by any FMCG company in the world

·        Complete automation from stock management to billing to customer is USP

·        QMS expected to generate 10-12% of Sahara Q Shop’s revenue over a period of time

·        Sahara Q Shop to have a network of 500 QMS and 10,000 exclusive retail outlets (Q Shop) across states by end of 2013-14

Lucknow, November 12, 2013: Sahara Q Shop, the FMCG and retail arm of Sahara India Pariwar has launched another retail and distribution channel, Quality Mobile Shop (QMS), to augment its pan India customer reach of existing 1057 exclusive stores in 425 cities in 13 states. Through QMS, the company intends to expand its footprint in tier II and tier III cities and remote rural areas, to reach customers with its unadulterated quality consumer products.

The launch of Quality Mobile Shop (QMS) was marked by flagging off of 109 QMS Vans by ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar. Sahara Q Shop will expand the network of Quality Mobile Shop across India in a phased manner. In the first phase, today it has rolled out total 181 QMS vans to cater to consumers in 5 states, namely Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan and Bihar. By end of the current financial year, the company will have a network of 500 QMS vans.

QMS is the first of its kind retail model in FMCG sector in the world and a strategic move to fulfilling Sahara Q Shop’s commitment to cater to the daily needs of valued customers from areas which otherwise have weak supply chain and non-availability of quality products. The company has adopted complete automation of processes from stock management to billing to customers. QMS provides distinct advantage over any other model, due to its complete automation and mobility.

The specially designed Quality Mobile Shop vans will provide the entire range of Sahara Q Shop’s unadulterated quality consumer merchandise in categories of staples, processed food, homecare products, personal care products, water and beverages, general merchandise, home appliances and kitchenware to consumers. Each Quality Mobile Shop van will travel on a well defined route map to provide the whole range of Sahara Q Shop’s quality products to customers.

Sahara Q Shop quality products are currently available to consumers through 1057 Sahara Q Shop Exclusive retail stores spread across India, each catering to around 2000 households from the vicinity, whereas QMS model will primarily operate in areas where Sahara Q Shop Exclusive retail stores are not present or their viability is low. Sahara Q Shop has plans to open more than 10,000 Sahara Q Shop Exclusive retail stores and 500 Quality Mobile Shops across India by the end of the current financial year. For timely delivery and continuous availability of unadulterated quality consumer products, a strong supply chain management system has also been put in place. Sales persons have gone through rigorous training to be prepared to cater to the customers in such a new retail format.

Speaking on the occasion, ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, said, “I have always believed that every esteemed citizen of our great nation deserves the best quality living, be it where we live, how we live or what we consume. With this vision, we had laid the foundation of Sahara Q Shop, which has gained presence in 13 states with 1057 exclusive shops. We are growing rapidly and by 2015, we will have 30,000 exclusive shops. Quality Mobile Shop is a distribution model adopted to reach out to tier II and tier III cities faster and compliment our present operations.”

Mr. Romie Dutt, Executive Director of Sahara Q Shop, said, “Sahara Q Shop’s long term vision is to be one of the large FMCG companies in the country. Today, we have 1057 exclusive brand outlets in 425 cities in 13 states and are on our way to expand further. QMS is an initiative that gives a fillip to our efforts to reach tier II and tier III cities and towns.”

About Sahara Q Shop

FMCG and retail venture - Sahara Q Shop=Q=QUALITY=PURITY=OUR MISSION
Sahara India Pariwar, a major business conglomerate of India, forayed into the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) and quality consumer merchandise retail sector with the launch of ‘Sahara Q Shop’ on 15th August 2012. Sahara Q Shop’ was set with the vision to provide 100% unadulterated, quality consumer merchandise products to the citizens of India at the right prices.  Today our product basket ranges in the categories like food (staples and processed food) non food (personal care and home care), General Merchandise, Consumer Durables and Lifestyle products spread across 378 unique products and 763 Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). 

In order to make Sahara Q Shop quality products available to people from all walks of life with convenience, 40,000 + Sahara Q Shop Exclusive retail stores are planned across length and breadth of the country. Each of the stores will cater to around 2000 households from vicinity.

With the mission to curb the menace of prevalent adulteration practices in the market, Sahara Q Shop is committed to the guarantee of good health for you and your family.

It is Sahara’s commitment to ensure that every single product will under stringent quality test before being rolled out in the market. All house hold items will be available at fair market price.

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