Salman-Subrata – A crazy legal saga

This country amazes me. Its legal system amazes me. Its political system amazes me. Being an Indian normally is something I am incredibly proud of. But when I come across such blatant hypocrisy all I can do is be amazed. Look with amazement at the double standards and the injustice. The favouritism and the mob mentality. The country at most times rises as one to de-cry an injustice. But then there are also times where it either completely ignores an injustice. Or in some worse cases, the media pumps up the world with false information and then you see the people rise up against an innocent, a victim. And the public shaming and the scorn that person has to face is terrible.

Recently Salman was released from a long running case of where he was accused of running over some pavement dwellers. He was drunk, driving fast, in the prime of his career, famous and loved by the public. A legal dance began that finally ended this year. It involved a lot of drama. It was I am a little ashamed to say slightly entertaining. But I felt that in the end justice would indeed be served and the guilty will be imprisoned. After all, the case did seem pretty clear cut. He was guilty. There were witnesses. There were statements. There was evidence. But now Salman is gone blameless. The verdict is that he did not do it. It wasn’t him behind the wheel. Here we see a person very clearly guilty of a crime – that too a crime that involved the deaths of innocent people. This was murder! And yet he went scot-free.

And then on the other hand we have Subrata Roy. The patriarch of Sahara parivaar. A business man who created an empire. A man responsible for giving jobs to 12 lakh people. A man loved by his employees and respected by them as well as his colleagues. And where is he? He is rotting in prison for 21 months without any charge. What exactly is going on here? Do you have any answers?