Subrata Roy Sahara "Saharasri"

Subrata Roy Sahara is the chairman and Managing Worker of the Sahara Group of companies. Sahara India Pariwar is today the largest first generation conglomerate of India. The group is successfully diversified into the fields of Finance, Life Insurance, Infrastructure and Housing, Media and Entertainment, Information Technology, Tourism, Hospitality and Consumer Products. Subrata Roy Sahara was born on 10th June 1938 at Araria, Bihar. He was married in 1974 and has two sons. He is known for his flamboyant lifestyle. He is named among the 50 Most Powerful People of India in the reputed magazine “India Today”. Billionaire Subrata Roy is the Chairman and Managing Worker of the Sahara Group of companies based in India. He is the Richest Bengali in India after Amar Bose, founder of Bose Corporation, USA. His residence is in Lucknow, UP, India.

From an asset base of USD 43 in 1978 when it was founded, the group has today exponentially grown to become a conglomerate of USD 10.87 billion. The group's Financial Services Division serves more than 61 million depositors, one out of every 17 Indians, with its financial services making the group one of the most influential financial companies in India. The Infrastructure and Housing Division is on its way to creating the world’s largest chain of luxury townships in 217 Indian cities.

Subrata Roy Sahara is the man who has built an over Rs. 50,000 crore empire out of an initial capital of Rs. 2000. One of the most powerful names in the Corporate world today, he considers his position as "The Chief Guardian" of the ‘World's Largest Family’ - Sahara India Pariwar, to be his biggest achievement in life. ”We are a family, not just a business organization”. “We don’t work for a company; we work for ourselves, for the growth of our Pariwar”. One always comes across such remarks when talking to any Sahara chairman. The profit sharing pattern of Sahara India Pariwar which believes in collective sharing and caring is as follows : 35% of profit goes towards Company’s Net owned fund, 25% goes towards Social Development activities and 40% towards the welfare of Kartavyayogi workers. All Promoter Shareholders, Directors and Partners are from the workers' rank and have taken an oath through a notary affidavit in the court of law that neither they nor their family members can ever share the profit or assets of the company. Thus, a trade union is simply a non-requisite in an organization where “No Discrimination” is practiced in every aspect and every sphere of activity. Subrata Roy Sahara actively involved with the NCC. As he says, "One thing that actually helped me to become the person I am was my involvement with NCC. NCC taught me discipline, leadership, a keen sense of duty towards everyone and above all, towards the nation". He married his wife Swapna in the year 1974. Subrata Roy Sahara is an follower of Indian guru 'Babuji', whose birth anniversary he celebrates as 'Jyoti Diwas'.

Subrata Roy Sahara has written two books 'Shanti, Sukh & Santushti’ and ‘Maan, Samman, Atmasamman’ on the philosophy of life. Subrata Roy has been awarded many awards from time to time for his skills. Subrata Roy has been the ITA – TV Icon of the Year 2007. He has received the Global Leadership Award in 2004. He was also awarded with Businessmen of the Year Award in the year 2002, the Best Industrialist Award in the year 2002, and National Citizen Award in the year 2001 for his entrepreneurship skills. He won the Academy Award from Indian Television Academy for his contribution to Indian Television. He is a successful entrepreneur and the chief guardian of the Sahara Group. Recently he has been awarded with honorary degree of D. Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga.

As the Managing Worker & Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, Shri Subrata Roy Sahara started his journey with a vision propelled by the belief that ‘emotion’ is the key to success, with savings of Rs. 2000 in the year 1978 with a table and two chairs, one small office, a Lambretta scooter and a staff of one clerk and a runner boy. In a span of 29 years, he has created an empire of over Rs. 50,000 crores. From just 42 depositors in all and a single establishment, today the Sahara India Pariwar has over 6.1 crore depositors through 1707 establishments, across the nation and is now recognized as one of the fastest growing business groups in the country. Sahara India Financial Corporation Limited [SIFO] forms the backbone of this conglomerate. In 1998-2000 when RBI laid down rules and guidelines for residuary non-banking companies more than 40,000 big and small finance companies downed their shutters, as they could not meet these RBI norms. Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd. not only survived but also continued to grow. The group attributes it to following all rules and guidelines and practicing strict checks and controls itself. Sahara’s various ventures show that the company invests in high-class quality projects only.


I write on behalf of the Association for the Disabled - Karpos would like to present an action. Social housing being built in tall buildings where access is almost impossible for the handicapped. Our Association is thought to these people build complex story houses that would be with a ramp for easy access and arrangement of the flat I would be adapted for the disabled. The entire project should be 300,000 euros. 15 000 euros for a house of 45 square meters. We thought that 20 of these houses to start would be enough. We have no intention to build an isolated ghetto for the disabled, on the contrary we think that this way to socialize and will have more human life. Association of Disabled for this project does not have much money and therefore appeal to all for help. We know that this year all planned out already, but please look around this idea and think, if you like, and there is any possibility to participate in it that you can planning for 2013.

Responsible for project
Biljana Naumovska