Life Mantras – a manual for positivity

The world at any given point of time is filled with people that are successful and can teach about it to other people so that they too can prosper. Many people have the capability to be that kind of a person but those that actually care about the rest of us are few in number. Mr Subrata Roy is a man that can be considered as a part of the latter group. He is the former chairman of the Indian multinational conglomerate ‘Sahara Group’. ‘Sahara’ is a business empire with interests in various sectors of business and the Subrata Roy is the man who built it from scratch!

He started the company with a few thousand rupees in capital and not more than a few employees. In a relatively short time, Subrata Roy managed to turn the fortunes of the company soaring skywards. He took charge of the company and instilled a specific work ethic among his huge workforce. He looked upon them as members of his extended family rather than people that work for him. This philosophy is what guided him in his path according to his informative book, ‘Life Mantras’.

Mr Subrata penned the book while he was going through a major difficult time in life. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of his life, he chose to ruminate on the positive qualities in life that made him a successful man and compiled them all into a single book, ‘Life Mantras’. It has some of the best advice to achieve a balanced and positive outlook in life. Along with a positive outlook, the book is filled to the brim with real life experiences of Mr Subrata that had an impact on him or taught him the value of something important. These experiences have been drawn from both his personal life and professional life.

The book has Subrata Roy’s thoughts on almost all the important things in life like marriage, time, love, respect, dedication, resilience, usefulness etc. The mix of topics is eclectic and it has a wonderful effect on your personal motivation after just one reading session.