Book Launch Event by Subrata Roy - ‘Think With Me’

Lucknow: Saharasri Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker & Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar, Unveiled his book ‘Think With Me’ – an exhaustive and thought provoking treatise, in the presence of Shri Suhel Seth. The book is a life time experiences, observations as well as insights to restore India to its past glory.

Thoughts on ‘Think with me’ by Subrata Roy

With great power comes great responsibility

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence.” Who doesn’t want to achieve success in life? Today, we all know the importance of success. An individual is recognised in the society based on his/her potential of success. When we take success to another tangent, it could perhaps be a myth, not everyone likes to or wants to share their secret to success. However, we always have exceptions. Highlighting the exception in this article, he is none other than Subrata Roy. Possessing his own company, he is among those generous souls who shares his secret to success. ‘Sahara’ is the company that was one among the first Indian companies to have an evident global presence. Covering various sectors, Sahara flourished to the fullest wherein millions of people were employed at one point of time.
“Think with Me” by Subrata Roy is doing exceptionally well across. It emphasizes our day-to-day concern in regards to political leadership, population growth, education, the media and religion going from bad to worse. Don’t you want to know what went wrong? Why are we facing these horrid problems? “Think with Me” is an answer to all the above concerns. This book involves Mr Roy’s years of experience where he discusses problems related to the above five fundamental issues. He has liberally shared some of those experiences in detail throughout the book. Along with it being an interesting read, it’s also a great guidebook that values the sacred for the love of the country before independence.

Thus, Mr Roy, through a deep-seated & thought provoking commentary on these issues invites you to think along with him and muse over these issues honestly and sincerely. Subrata Roy has been the man who takes responsibility for his actions. In this book, he talks about the need for a wider awakening on the issues mentioned above.

A gist of ‘Think with Me’ by Saharasri

Subrata Roy Sahara needs no introduction, the world has seen him grow into the successful businessman that he is and in spite of all his success, he has still managed to remain one of the humblest people you will ever come across. What makes him stay so humble and positive in life is not a secret, he has written a book on it called “Life Mantras”, which has been a bestseller for a while too.

So, after ‘Life Mantra’ comes ‘Think with Me’, a book from Saharasri’s trilogy. In ‘Think with Me’, he basically focuses on how to make India, our country an ideal one. We all know how our country is facing problems of various types, be it education, the religion and media degrading, political leadership, over population, etc. We often end up wondering what is it that we can actually do to make India a more livable place. Doubts like is the democracy really not helping India become better? Why aren’t we progressing in spite of so many efforts in the form of schemes, bills, laws etc.? Why aren’t our leaders able to do anything to fix the situation and make our country better?

Many young adults are indulging in a phenomenon known as ‘Brain Drain’, because the overall lifestyle and stand of living in our country is deteriorating with time as opposed to other countries which are only getting bigger and better. This is definitely not going to do our country any good as if you understand the situation, the brightest and most intelligent people are educating themselves from India and when it is time to use this very education and intelligence, they prefer to settle down in another country, adding to their grown and overall improvement.

‘Think with Me’ is more of an eye-opener for many and even if there will be some thoughts that you may not agree with, but the overall book is something every concerned citizen of India will agree with.