My take on Think with Me

Subrata Roy Sahara knows how difficult it is to reach where he is, success is always hard earned and being successful in a country like India is even more difficult. Now, you must be wondering what a vague statement is that, but let’s get deeper into it. Starting with the overpopulation, getting into a good school, a better college is so difficult, there are times when even 99% marks are not enough for getting into a college where you’ve always dreamed of studying.

Citing the same problem of population, businessmen face a strong competition and mind you this competition is cut-throat. And it is so, only because there are lots of people doing the same business. Earning money in our country is hard. How does one rectify this and make living in India a fairly easy? We are constantly working hard and failing to be happy with our lives, what will make this better?

When we look at the professionals in the western countries, we see how well organized their lives are, how comfortably they reach work and come home at the same time daily and spend time with their families. Unlike us, we struggle to reach our offices, courtesy packed public transport, traffic or bad roads. Most of us don’t ever leave office in time as all of us are over-worked and burdened, doing work worth two employees. The list goes on and on.

Saharasri, in ‘Think with Me’, discusses population, education and all the other factors he thinks, if fixed, will lead India in becoming a better and ideal country! It’s a book, I highly recommend to all the people who keep wondering where is our country going wrong and is not progressing as fast as it should. Also, to all those people who consider themselves as concerned citizens.

‘Think with Me’ has given me a better understanding of our Country and I will do my best to contribute to its betterment!

Why I want to read Saharasri’s ‘Think with Me’

After reading ‘Life Mantras’ by Mr Subrata Roy Sahara, I am a changed person. With all the situation that he has been into and he has still maintained such a positive attitude towards life, I am truly impressed and inspired by Mr Roy! This is my reason one for wanting to read ‘Think with Me’.

Besides this, I consider myself as a concerned citizen of India, and I work hard and pay taxes, yet I see the country only going down the drain and not progressing at all. If at all, there is any progress, it is slow as a snail or as invisible as the wind. I totally fail to understand what is going on, I am reading about other countries becoming a powerful nation and don’t get me wrong, I read about India progressing too, launching new satellites and making powerful nuclear ammunitions BUT what about the common man like me? Our life is only becoming tougher and tougher, the roads aren’t smooth, the public transport is always over-crowded and getting in good education institute is almost getting next to impossible.

So, after ‘Life Mantras’, I have been looking forward to its sequel that is named as ‘Think with Me’. Saharasri is an extremely intelligent man, and this very intelligence and his reasoning skills have made him the man that he is and build an empire this big. I wanted to know how he thinks we can make India a better country and I literally want to ‘Think with him’. He has discussed the fundamentals of making India an ideal country, along with issues such population, education system, media and religion, electoral system & leadership.

I am sure, Mr Roy would’ve discussed these in minute details and the book will give me a fresh perspective on why India isn’t getting better for the common public and how to make it better.