Sahara India Pariwar’s humble contribution to probably the worst disasters of our beloved country

In addition to immediate relief measures, Sahara will built 10,000 Pre-fabricated houses and provide complete food and household items for months and years till the need is there
Sets up Help Line Number (1800 180 9090) for immediate help
Lucknow, June 23, 2013: Uttarakhand region of our beloved country has been struck with the massive natural disaster. Sahara India Pariwar, as a part of its duties, has come forward to extend all possible support to the people of Uttarakhand. We are initiating immediate relief measures and long-term relief measures at the affected places, for our affected fellow Indians.

Immediate Relief Measures which will start in next 48 hours

1.    Sahara India Pariwar will provide more than 1 lac Sahara Q Shop pure drinking water bottles, more than 1 lac juice bottles and food packets along with candles and match boxes. In the same direction, work has already been initiated wherein we have set-up camps to distribute material.
2.    We are immediately deploying 25 medical health unit vans equipped with doctors, pharmacists, free medicines and basic testing equipments. The deployed medical team will continue to provide its services for months henceforth till the requirement exists.
3.    Sahara will also provide complete food and household items every month to 10,000 families for months and years, depending upon the need of these poor families.
4.    We are immediately deputing 1,000 Sahara Volunteers from our workforce to carry out the relief and rescue operations. Besides, if deemed required by the local administration, we will offer many-many thousands more of Sahara Volunteers for the relief and rescue work. Sahara is also in talks with local administration for any other support which can be provided.
5.    We shall also distribute blankets and other relief materials to the affected people.
6.    We will distribute 10,000 Solar Lanterns with hand crank and mobile charger facility, with cranking facility the lantern can be charged manually.
7.    We are also setting up a Help Line number where every possible help will be given to the affected people. The Help Line Number is 1800 180 9090.

Long term Rehabilitation Measures

8.    Sahara will also construct 10,000 pre-fabricated houses based on latest technology (which will be better in every aspect as compared to conventional houses build in hills), under rehabilitation programme. The pre-fabricated houses will be built at places as allotted by local administration. 

Sahara India Pariwar flags-off 1000 village adoption project

VEDAS project will fully adopt villages for overall development, directly benefiting 25 lakh Rural Indians in 7 States

With the flag-off of the VEDAS, the project gets launched in 172 villages of Kannauj (U.P.) and Araria (Bihar) Districts

Lucknow, June 10, 2013: Sahara India Pariwar, a major business conglomerate of India, today flagged off VEDAS, its 1000 village full adoption programme. VEDAS project was flagged by ‘Saharasri’ Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar today, along with launching of project in 172 villages at districts Kannauj in Uttar Pradesh and district Araria in Bihar. Under VEDAS, Sahara is fully adopting 1000 villages for holistic and sustainable overall development.  The project aims to cover 4.5 lakh rural households, touching the lives of 25 lakh people of 7 States. 

Under VEDAS, Sahara will undertake numerous initiatives which include providing Safe Drinking Water through Water Purification Plants and distributing it through Water ATMs, imparting Joyful Education through more than 500 Education Resource Centers with smart interactive classrooms equipped with high end Q Cloud technology. Free Primary Health Care will be provided to all villages on regular basis through fleets of Mobile Health Unit (MHU) vans. This will be augmented with Medical Center for serious cases at Central Point Village, with each center catering to a cluster of around 50 villages within its immediate vicinity. To empower people of the villages, Sahara is setting up Empowerment Centers at each Center Point Village. The centers will impart training and will have workplace equipped with food & beverages processing units, machines for traditional Household goods manufacturing, facility to make local craft products and products based on local resources. Besides, it will help all small and big farmers increase their land yield through its teams of highly qualified agriculturists. For all round sanitation, community awareness and advocacy program will be initiated and community toilets will be renovated. Sahara will also provide assistance in safe migration to people going to big cities for opportunities. Under VEDAS, Solar Powered Lanterns will be distributed to 4.5 lakh families of these villages, so that they have a healthy and eco-friendly source of lighting.

On this occasion, Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara, Managing Worker and Chairman, Sahara India Pariwar said, “It is our dream that all our countrymen can get quality living. Even being the bread basket of the nation, our villages have always reeled behind in this walk of development. Only collective growth can make our beloved nation into a powerful nation and this requires sharing with and caring of our left out fellow brethrens. VEDAS is our humble initiative to fully adopt villages so that a substantial and sustainable rise in the quality of the life and livelihood of our rural brethrens can be achieved. Initially, we are taking 1000 villages across India and we intend to take this project to more villages in times to come”.
Notes to the Editor
Sahara India Pariwar is a major business conglomerate in India with operations in multiple sectors, including financial services, life insurance, mutual funds, housing finance,  infrastructure & housing, print and television news media, entertainment channels, cinema production, consumer merchandise retail, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, sports, and information technology.
Sahara India Pariwar has always been prompt in its services towards the nation and its nationals who have sacrificed their lives at the altar of nationalism. Sahara India Pariwar’s commitment to Social Welfare is evident from the fact that 25% of its profits every year are dedicated towards social development activities. In fact, it’s the firm conviction of the Chief Guardian of Sahara India Pariwar, Hon’ble Saharasri, Subrata Roy Sahara that every organization, along with its own development and progress should also contribute towards the cause of the society and the nation at large.
Sahara also works on various Health programmes, including Mobile Healthcare Units, under which 52 medical vans across the country are running 30 days a month, throughout the year, taking free primary healthcare services to the remotest rural areas where medical services do not exist. Besides this, Sahara also works on various programs on Nutrition, Literacy, Vocational Training, Civic Development, Behavioral Change, Communication and Rehabilitation of the Physically Challenged People.
Under its Disaster Management initiatives, Sahara has always stood up in the need of the hour of the country, be it super cyclone of Orissa, earthquake in Gujarat, drought in Rajasthan or floods in the state of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Sahara has adopted Bhimasar-Chakasar village in Taluka Anjar, District Kutch for relocation, rehabilitation and reconstruction of the village along with basic amenities, panchayat ghar, bus stop, post office, play ground, primary and secondary school and street lights. When the devastating earthquake hit Latur district of Maharashtra, Sahara India Pariwar came forward to rehabilitate the earthquake stricken citizens of the region and also developed a cluster of earthquake houses in Killari Village in Latur, The houses were handed over to the villagers by Reverend Mother Teresa.

Sahara is also providing monthly financial assistance is also provided to the families of the Martyrs of the Mumbai Nov '08 terror attack, Dantewada Massacre and to the families of Kargil War Martyrs. Today, it provides, monthly financial assistance to 320 families of martyrs.