Sahara India Pariwar’s humble contribution to probably the worst disasters of our beloved country

In addition to immediate relief measures, Sahara will built 10,000 Pre-fabricated houses and provide complete food and household items for months and years till the need is there
Sets up Help Line Number (1800 180 9090) for immediate help
Lucknow, June 23, 2013: Uttarakhand region of our beloved country has been struck with the massive natural disaster. Sahara India Pariwar, as a part of its duties, has come forward to extend all possible support to the people of Uttarakhand. We are initiating immediate relief measures and long-term relief measures at the affected places, for our affected fellow Indians.

Immediate Relief Measures which will start in next 48 hours

1.    Sahara India Pariwar will provide more than 1 lac Sahara Q Shop pure drinking water bottles, more than 1 lac juice bottles and food packets along with candles and match boxes. In the same direction, work has already been initiated wherein we have set-up camps to distribute material.
2.    We are immediately deploying 25 medical health unit vans equipped with doctors, pharmacists, free medicines and basic testing equipments. The deployed medical team will continue to provide its services for months henceforth till the requirement exists.
3.    Sahara will also provide complete food and household items every month to 10,000 families for months and years, depending upon the need of these poor families.
4.    We are immediately deputing 1,000 Sahara Volunteers from our workforce to carry out the relief and rescue operations. Besides, if deemed required by the local administration, we will offer many-many thousands more of Sahara Volunteers for the relief and rescue work. Sahara is also in talks with local administration for any other support which can be provided.
5.    We shall also distribute blankets and other relief materials to the affected people.
6.    We will distribute 10,000 Solar Lanterns with hand crank and mobile charger facility, with cranking facility the lantern can be charged manually.
7.    We are also setting up a Help Line number where every possible help will be given to the affected people. The Help Line Number is 1800 180 9090.

Long term Rehabilitation Measures

8.    Sahara will also construct 10,000 pre-fabricated houses based on latest technology (which will be better in every aspect as compared to conventional houses build in hills), under rehabilitation programme. The pre-fabricated houses will be built at places as allotted by local administration.