Salman-Subrata – A crazy legal saga

This country amazes me. Its legal system amazes me. Its political system amazes me. Being an Indian normally is something I am incredibly proud of. But when I come across such blatant hypocrisy all I can do is be amazed. Look with amazement at the double standards and the injustice. The favouritism and the mob mentality. The country at most times rises as one to de-cry an injustice. But then there are also times where it either completely ignores an injustice. Or in some worse cases, the media pumps up the world with false information and then you see the people rise up against an innocent, a victim. And the public shaming and the scorn that person has to face is terrible.

Recently Salman was released from a long running case of where he was accused of running over some pavement dwellers. He was drunk, driving fast, in the prime of his career, famous and loved by the public. A legal dance began that finally ended this year. It involved a lot of drama. It was I am a little ashamed to say slightly entertaining. But I felt that in the end justice would indeed be served and the guilty will be imprisoned. After all, the case did seem pretty clear cut. He was guilty. There were witnesses. There were statements. There was evidence. But now Salman is gone blameless. The verdict is that he did not do it. It wasn’t him behind the wheel. Here we see a person very clearly guilty of a crime – that too a crime that involved the deaths of innocent people. This was murder! And yet he went scot-free.

And then on the other hand we have Subrata Roy. The patriarch of Sahara parivaar. A business man who created an empire. A man responsible for giving jobs to 12 lakh people. A man loved by his employees and respected by them as well as his colleagues. And where is he? He is rotting in prison for 21 months without any charge. What exactly is going on here? Do you have any answers?

Sahara's position unshaken in spite of ongoing pressures

RBI, in 2008 had issued an order banning NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Company) business of one of Sahara's company - Sahara India Financial Corporation Ltd.(SIFCL), against which Sahara approached the Courts and Hon'ble Allahabad High Court as well as subsequently, even the Hon'ble Supreme Court of India, while providing relief to Sahara, had quashed the RBI's ban order and asked RBI to hear SIFCL afresh. In pursuance of this, SIFCL and RBI, in a series of meetings in a mutually accepted manner decided a sun-set period for the NBFC business of SIFCL whereby from 2011 SIFCL was to stop taking fresh deposits and return the erstwhile deposits and eventually, in 2015 close the NBFC. It is in pursuance of this mutually decided upon arrangement and as per the wish of Sahara that the RBI has cancelled this licence and therefore is not at all any kind of blow, etc., to Sahara in any manner, as is being mentioned by some.

Moreover, regarding the SEBI order on Sahara Mutual Fund, we would like to mention that the mutual fund business of Sahara is very small with total assets under management of Rs. 134.29 crore only and is in infancy state with no major consequences on the group. Moreover, the actual reason behind SEBI's action is that SEBI has asked to change the sponsorer company in which Shri Subrata Roy Sahara ji was there. SEBI can only explain the basis of their decision to do so. However, Sahara is in the process of doing the needful as SEBI has directed.

Sahara stands on strong foundations which are evident from its un-withered standing even during the current constraints. However, Sahara will overcome this momentary constraint once its bank accounts and properties are de-freezed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court and our Chairman's judicial custody is recalled.

Sahara Latest News

Huge -Sahara News Network- News Room --we learn a lot from here मानो या न मानो मगर है सच -----हमारी कर्मभूमि
इंडिया का सबसे बड़ा मीडिया परिवार और सबसे बड़ा न्यूज़ रूम
The most wonderful part of all our lives,job tasks, experiences were spent at this place. We treasure the Sahara News Room सबसे बड़ा और सुंदर न्यूज़ रूम , our reporters,editors, our senior trainer our canteen, print area , 15 Aug parade,26 jan and bharat parva and many more activities, the fun moments, the free time, the assignments and shoot trip and now a days some crises be there we have to tackle it very sincerely.
old employees keeps on coming frequently in happy hrs and recall/share those sweet memories and couple of days that they spent here & join and Stay in touch with old frenz who are still wating for good days.
very soon or in very near future we all are expecting good for Sahara TV / News Print and Parivar and & Sahara been marching forward on the path of success, adding new milestones on each coming days .
Our knowledge improved greatly every day .The great reporting & journalism Team we have & Technically IT Division/AV, very strong team too ..All are
filled with joy in hearts,in such a financial crises but we went to play again in this calm and beautiful environment.
सहारा प्रणाम

Sahara Breaking News

12 लाख लोगो का समूह देखकर सेबी को सहारा की शक्ति का अंदाजा लगाना चाहिये।-।सहारा श्री ने अकेले अपने बलबूते पे लाखों रोजगार दिये हैं और वो भी बड़े सुख शांति और संतुष्टि पूर्ण वातावरण में -ऐसा उदाहरण कहीं नहीं देखने को मिलेगा ,इतनी कठिन परिस्थिति में भी सीना तान के खड़ा है सहारा और लोगों को भी नहीं निकाला गया ----सहारा के समर्थन में उतरे थे बाबा रामदेव जिन्होने कहा की सहारा श्री के साथ पक्षपात पूर्ण तरीका अपनाया गया हैं 
सलमान खान 15 साल से जमानत पे बहार है वो भी 5 साल की सजा सुनाने के कोर्ट के आदेश के बाद,ऐसा ही जया ललिता के साथ हुआ,ये सब अन्याय है . .और महा घोटेले बाज महाठग लालू यादव 940 करोड़ के बाद फ्री में , बहार आ गया -
और ये तीनों सही मायने में अपराधी हैं और सहारा श्री एक कट्टर देश भक्त. इंसान

“Saharasri” – An Inspiration to many celebrates another birthday

Hon'ble Saharasri has inspired thousands of people to dream higher, so his birthday is marked as “Prerna Diwas” and celebrated by people who believe in his philosophy. Today, on this auspicious occasion we want to wish Subrata Roy a very Happy Birthday.

Subrata Roy is one among the top 10 most powerful businessman India can ever have. He is the founder and chairman of the famous Sahara India and has achieved more than fifteen awards for being the best Industrialist.

On 10th June, 1948, Subrata Roy was born in the district of Araria, Bihar. He was a very bright child, he also holds a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. Before he founded Sahara, he had already gathered 32 years of precious experience in business development along with 18 years of experience in real estate business. 

He opened his first office in Gorakhpur, which consisted of a table and two chairs along with a staff of one clerk and a runner boy. Initially he single headedly took up the business of Deposits and Para banking. But his life took a new turn in 1990s when he moved to Lucknow and set his business empire which is now over Rs.50, 000 crore. From there, it went on to become the largest conglomerate of India with a diversified range of business interests.

Apart from his business skills, he is also a humanitarian, he contributed to the relief efforts in flood hit Uttarakhand region by providing them the basic amenities along with free medical facility. He always believed in creating a family rather than a company. Which he did successfully, in a span of just 29 years, Sahara India has seen enormous growth as Roy was the driving force behind this success.