Another initiative by Subrata Roy: Sahara Group commences Literacy Program for slum children

The objective of this program by Subrata Roy’s Sahara Group is to help children and adults residing in slums of cities develop their overall personality and a functional understanding of aspects that affect their day-to-day lives. People of different age groups have benefited from this program since its inception.
Subrata Roy and Sahara group has always earned high pints in tits corporate social responsibility and the foremost reason behind its continuous success to achieve the CSR goals is that Sahara or Subrata Roy doesn’t initiate social activities to earn point but as a responsibility towards society. And hence Sahara group shoulders far more responsibilities than what it is supposed to do. Subrata Roy, head of Sahara group, has shown its deep concern for the children of India who can’t afford to get education, as a matter of fact, they can’t even afford to acquire literacy. It is for them that the Literacy Program by sahara group named as “Sakshar Bharat” has been commenced so that the slum children get education, who would not even get to step into the schools otherwise.

The program has several strategies which include raising awareness and targeting the slums of india and educating them with the assistance of a mix of oral, visual and practical methods. These methods of the Literacy Program by Sahara group and ideology of Subrata Roy have triggered many activities and have also accomplished achievements. The program organizes assessments, health check-ups for the slum children and arranges frequent psychological evaluation of students.

If we talk about the achievements that the Literacy Program has made, it has established its 20 centres in Lucknow and 12 in Gorakhpur. Every year, the program educates around 500 students of which, around 150-200 are being educated in the mainstream formal education system. Also, 71 per cent of students that were registered this year in Gorakhpur were from the category of the girls aged up to 14 years. This literacy initiative by Subrata Roy has given a meaning to the lives of slum children by introducing them to the education, in fact, a good education system for free which wouldn’t have been possible for them if it was the other way around.