Mobile Healthcare Unit by Subrata Roy’s Sahara Group

Sahara hospital is a multi-specialty, tertiary care hospital located at Lucknow. With the vision of Mr Subrata Roy to provide healthcare to all, It started delivering its services from February 2009. At present, Sahara hospital can provide beds to 350 patients at a time and by the end of second phase, it is planning to accommodate 554 patients.

In this social initiative by Subrata Roy, Sahara Mobile Healthcare Unit along with in-house service they are also providing free primary health care services on regular basis to rural and backward areas. For this, Sahara group has been running the “Janaswasthya” program. In October 2005, they launched Mobile Health Unit project under this program.

The results of this project motivated the organization to expand their service area. Initially Mr. Subrata Roy started their project in Gorakhpur district but later they covered many other backward districts such as: Sitapur and Bahraich. More than 11.91 lakh people were benefited by this service.

Sahara group has extended this project to rural areas of Lucknow, Farukkhabad and Balangir (district of Orissa). They solve primary health problems of individuals by providing regular health check-ups and medicines free of cost.

Among the individuals who get benefited by their services, around 60% are women. They are also conducting health and hygiene education in such areas. Apart from this, they also organize health camps and provide medical services during any natural disaster.

In the year, July 2010, they extended their free health care services at district of Murshidabad through Mobile Healthcare Unit vans. They covered around 24 villages of Murshidabad. In each Mobile Healthcare Unit van, you will find a qualified doctor, a pharmacist, an administrative support staff and a driver.

They have all required health equipments and medicines along with them. They provide them free of cost to the patients. As Sahara group is generating awareness regarding health and hygiene in these areas, their death rate is declining and health level is rising day by day.

Government is also supporting Subrata Roy’s initiative, in providing the services by inaugurating their programs and motivating them to go forward in this direction. Mobile Healthcare Unit project is limited to few areas currently but Sahara Group is extending it and soon it will reach at each and every corner of our country.

Now the inhabitants of rural areas will also have a good health level. This will directly enhance the growth rate of our country as only healthy individuals can contribute in the growth of a nation.