Sahara Group of Subrata Roy commences Rehabilitation Project for earthquakes-ridden

Sahara Group of companies by Subrata Roy, under its corporate social responsibilities, has started a mega rehabilitaion project where it has taken the entire responsibility of re-locating the entire village in kutch district of Gujarat -namely Bhimasar Chakasar. This rehabilitation scheme was the sole initiative of Subrata Roy Sahara, Chief Guardian of Sahara group, popularly known by the name ‘Saharasri’-because of his intense concern for the families that faced unpredicted misshapen to themselves, loss of lives of their loved ones and devastation of their shelter.
This rehabilitation project by Subrata Roy is intended to relocate all the families that manage to save their lives if not their houses. The village, Bhimasar-Chakasar, taluka Anjar, district Kutch was located at a distance of about 15 km from Gandhidham and covers an area of over 9457.31 acres. It was home to 3153 persons of which 135 got severe injuries and19 died because of the earthquake. As a consequence to the intense earthquake, houses of 801 families were completely shattered according to Subrata Roy of Sahara Group. It was then the members of the Sahara group that lent the huge hand of help to the villagers within 48 hours of the occurrence of the tragic incident. Sahara India Pariwar adopted the entire village and for relocation them under the mega rehabilitaion project. Members of the Sahara Group provided the survivors with relief services and constructed reconstructing 839 houses. Since then the mission of relocating the people who bore the destructing earthquake and rendering them with the basic facilities has been accomplished. The gram is now commonly known as the Sahara Gram as it was the Sahara group which made the first move to commence an entire project which was oriented to provide shelter and other general amenities to the families affected by earthquake. Apart from that, Subrata Roy has also commenced some other rehabilitation programs which includes Rehabilitation for survivors of Latur.