Subrata Roy’s steps forward towards a healthy nation via Sahara’s Health Program

Sahara India Pariwar of Subrata Roy Sahara, among it array of social services, has provided a distinct place for the health of the people of the nation. Sahara group and its Chairman Subrata Roy believes that it is a health of a society that would enhance the development of India and to from a healthy society, the people shall be healthy. A health and nutrition program has hence been commenced by Sahara group of Subrata Roy, which is objected to simplify the access to health care and primary health care services, Promote and facilitate preventive health care initiatives at community levels, and grant the availability of trained human resources at the same level.
According to Subrata Roy Sahara, the health program emphasizes on bestowing the medical health care services to children, adolescent girls, women and senior citizens, raising awareness among people so that they gradually realize the importance of health and sanitation and start taking initiatives at the local level. Apart from that, the major emphasis will also be on developing and strengthening organic linkages with other organizations and ensuring active participation in national level campaigns and programs initiated by government and providing medical services during incidents of emergency, epidemics and natural disasters and calamities.
Among various charitable activities started by Subrata Roy Sahara, This health and charity program has been spreading awareness across the country and has been involved in bountiful health promoting activities. Sahara group, through this health program, has provided necessary health services to the people of urban slums on a customary basis via their health units, four of which are permanently located in Lucknow and Gorakhpur and four of which are mobile in the same areas. This covers a population of population of around 0.14 million in 97 slums of Lucknow and Gorakhpur 0.14 million in 97 slums. Subrata Roy, the head of Sahara group, doesn’t refer to the health program as a charity but contribution toward its fellow citizens. The well-designed teams of experienced, dedicated and committed medical experts, community level workers, paramedical persons and pharmacists are making the health program run successfully.
The project by Subrata Roy Sahara has extended healthy wings to covering 60 villages of Gorakhpur district - inhabited by about 200,000 persons by rendering them with primary medical services. Health education, workshops on health issues, Cataract operation camp and medical check – ups are some more activities that the program is occupied with.