Subrata Roy Sahara initiates the Civic Development Project

Sahara group of Subrata Roy Sahara came forward to put efforts in the arena of development of basic civic amenities and infrastructure which the mainland of our country is yearning for. Subrata Roy Sahara has initiated the project that roams around the development of infrastructure and basic amenities. This project has been undertaken by Sahara as the Charity for Civic Development so that the increasing demand and pressure that involves around the city is settled.  This project by Subrata Roy basically includes activities like construction of public utilities and hand pumps and other basic infrastructure facilities.

The objective of this civic development by Sahara Group is to develop people friendly ambiance and environment in general and tourist places in particular, ensure availability of basic civic amenities in adoption homes, slums, densely populated areas as well as beautification of neglected parks, road crossings and traffic junctions in selected cities, construction. “ We want to be of complete assistance to people in all the areas and it is for this reason that we, in addition to our programmes for health, vocation, rehabilitation, literacy and may more, we shifted a part of our focus towards has been successful in constructing various forms of infrastructure including Sankalp Udyan (Town Hall) & Sankalp Sthal at Gorakhpur, Jindpeer crossing at Hardoi, Sankalp Vatika & Prerna park developed and maintained at Lucknow and similar projects”, said an executive of Sahara for Civic Development. 

Out of the efforts made by the Sahara group in this context, it has attempted success in rehabilitation of earthquake affected village Bhimasar Chakasar in Gujarat and equipping it with Primary School, Community Centre, Post Office and Bank, Panchayat Ghar, Underground Sump, Pump House and Overhead Tank, Street Lights, all weather roads, Water Supply System and Sewerage System, Equipping parks at Lucknow, Gorakhpur and Muzaffarpur with basic amenities such as drinking water, lighting, fountains, pathway and taking up beautification and plantation efforts and a lot more. In various parts of Hindi belt, Sahara Group’s Charity for Civic Development had been found working. It is none other than Subrata Roy Sahara who deserves the credit for the eminent development in the cities.