Subrata Roy Sahara beautifies north Indian cities

Looking at the deteriorating condition of the city, Subrata Roy Sahara, the chairman of the Sahara Group volunteered to contribute his efforts to make the country look rather more beautiful. He has been very popular for his charity works and contribution activities to the society. And with this project he moved a few steps ahead. Sahara group unleashed an array of beautification programmes.

The manager for the social work by Sahara mentioned in her interview that Subrata Roy has planned to target the main attractions of a beautiful town which are well-planned crossings, greenery, preserved monuments and places of historical interest. Sahara Group has been continuously endeavoring to contribute towards the nation in environmental arena via environmental protection measures. The sect of the group has been ensuring lush greenery through tree plantations and has made the towns of the north india fortunate to host other beautification and sustenance modes/programmes.

We will do every possible thing to make our country look, feel and live in better in all the probable ways”, says Sahara caretaker, Subrata Roy Sahara. He continued by saying, “Some of the major beautification endeavors that we have successfully embarked on include Sankalp Vatika (Lucknow), Prerna Park (Lucknow), Sankalp Udyan and Sankalp Sthal (Gorakhpur), Sahara Crossing (Hardoi), Sankalp Chowk, Muzaffarpur and Sahara Gram (Gujarat) and other places that have enhanced the beauty of the places they had been constructed in”.

Social work by Sahara has always been at a higher and better level and so is the series of the beautification programmes. The program also included numerous tree plantation drives
Sahara. There were also numerous tree plantation drives at different places which left their share in the increasing the oxygen level in the atmosphere. Subrata Roy Sahara has, once again, become the idol for the entrepreneurs who run away from their social responsibility which actually arrives with the corporate strengths.