Kilari village reestablished by Subrata roy sahara

When it comes to responsibility, one name that shoulders it unfailingly is Subrata Roy and Sahara Group. Subrata Roy’s name has been associated with an array of charity and the services that it has provided to the deprived.  Sahara has always been a step forward in terms of fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and the real feelings studded in its course of action is visible to the most. From Charitable Rehabilitation to vocational programmes, Sahara has dipped its fingers in almost all kinds of the social services that can be of any help to the society and to the ones on need.

Kilari is one of the many villages of Latur district in Maharashtra that took in the severe earthquake and went through complete destruction.  After the tragic incident, the managers of Sahara Group pursued the catastrophes and transformed the destroyed site into an avatar. Subrata Roy Sahara, “I run the world’s largest family and I know how painful it sis to lose the shelter under which you have been nourishing your family. We, as the Sahara for survivors, have decided to relocate everyone by rendering them with the roof on their heads.” The whole Kilari village had been adopted by Sahara Group for rehabilitation. Sahara transformed the broken bricks and heaps of dust and pebbles into earthquake resistant houses with the efforts put in at the fastest and at the maximum too. These houses were then handed over to the inhabitants of kilari village village by the world famous Nobel Laureate and Bharat Ratna parson Mother Teresa. 

Along with this Charitable Rehabilitation, the Sahara group also arranged for the essential requirements that one needs and passed them away to the kilari village residents. There are just a few names that do more than the mere requirement and Sahara Group is one of those names for sure.


Subrato Roy on 100th birth anniversary of his father Sudhir Chandra Sahara announces adopting 1000 villages covering 4.5 lakh rural household touching the lives of over 25 lakh people (in 7 states). We are making 20 clusters of 50 villages each.
Wasn't it a better day to pay of liabilities of 24,000 crores on which the Sahara promoter has defaulted. Wouldn't the blessings of 3 crore Sahara investors whom he has not paid and defaulted.enrich his character
Charity at the cost of Statutory obligations wouldn't have cherished the departed soul