Sahara Group rehabilitates the entire Bhimasar village

The Corporate social responsibility is tied to all the brands but there are just a few like Subrata Roy of Sahara Group which take the social aptitude not just for the sake of responsibility but for the real sense and feelings wrapped up in the responsibility. Sahara India Pariwar is likely to be one of those few for its continuous and unbroken dedication towards the society and the needy.

When one of the villages of kutch district called Bhimasar-Chakasar which was spread across9457.31 acres and was located at a distance of 15 km from Gandhidham faced severe earthquake, it was Subrata Roy Sahara who lent the huge helping hand to the villagers. The village could accommodate 3153 people out of which 19 died and 135 were injured because of the natural disaster that touched the village. The earthquake had turned homes of 801 families into ashes which is a calamity which could not be compensated by financial assistance. Subrata Roy of Sahara Group stood by each and every villager to provide all the possible support that it could. “We, then and only, adapted the Rehabilitation Project and decided to adopt the entire village as well as the dwellers and took the initiative of relocating them. We couldn’t save the broken houses but we did carve a new hope for everyone who lost their shelter in the form of new homes and it is certainly not a Charity by Sahara”, said the spokesperson of Sahara India Pariwar

When the disaster took place, the team of the Sahara India Pariwar was reported at the event site within 48 hours for rendering the injured and the survivors with relief services. it might be counted as a Charity by Sahara but the rehabilitation project was actually the result of the deep concern generated inside the heart of the Sahara caretaker, Subrata Roy Sahara who showed the same in the form of Sahara Gram by which included reconstruction of 839 houses with essential community facilities. The gram has been established and the villagers are happily living there and the credit for the same goes to Sahara India Pariwar