Vocational program for socio-economic backward community by Subrata Roy Sahara

Sahara Welfare Foundation, in access by the Sahara Founder Subrata Roy is of the firm belief that education and skill development should be evident so that it is observed in the form of contribution in the improvement of functional understanding of the socio-economic backward community and hen eth group with its instructions from the lead Subrata Roy is always keen to do something productive that leads to the betterment of the society and the people of the society too.

The objective behind launching the vocational program was to help in confidence building of the people as well as enhancing their inherent skills. The Vocational Training Program was initiated in the view that the people would be educated, and their skills would be brushed up to bring productive changes in their lives which would be more in the form of a job and the source of earning the living from.

A source from Sahara group mentioned, “We focus on enhancing skills in a manner which Contributes to the diversity of income portfolio of the targeted families, helps in rehabilitation process of the challenged and women thereby providing them enough confidence so that they gradually start getting integrated in the mainstream of the society and on the same hand enhances confidence of the members of the target group in general and women in particular. This all alleviates their status and enhances their say in the family and in this way linkages with financial institutions, other production houses also get developed. Also, the suppressed strata of adult females, adolescent girls and challenged would be nurtured in the best possible way.

The vocations included in this initiative by Sahara group includes Computers, Hindi and English typing, Stitching, Embroidery especially Chikan embroidery, Mehndi and Rangoli, Making bags of handmade and used paper, Darning, Repairing, alteration and alternative uses of old clothes and Quilting. The program has benefited 1725 females in Computers, 1221 in Hindi & English Typing, 1133 in stitching, 1243 in Embroidery, 1050 in mehndi and thousand more in other such vocations. The vocation has not just trained the females but has also built up their confidence, communication level and the understanding grounds which are equally necessary for them to grow completely.