Sahara India organizes mass marriages for deprived sections of the society

Sahara India Pariwar is a renowned company in India that is dedicated to social welfare. You would be surprised to know that Sahara India Pariwar uses 25% of its profits years for the social development activities in India. Sahara Group or Sahara India Pariwar has made sincere and dedicated efforts towards the development of Indian community. One such example of the social welfare by Sahara Group is the Samuhik Vivah of 101 girls from the deprived sections of the society with a great fanfare. This event was named as Samuhik Vivah Samaroh. Every year Sahara Group organized this event at Sahara Shaher Lucknow. By organizing this event, Sahara India Pariwar has improved the quality of life, not just for an individual but for entire Indian communities.

The event was organized very well; the ambience of Sahara Shaher on the date of event was beautiful. It was beautifully decorated with flowers and rangoli. The marriages of underprivileged girls belonging to different religions were organized by the renowned priests of their respective communities. The Samuhik Vivah Samaroh was held in the presence of distinguished invites and Kertayayogi workers of Sahara India Pariwar. Member of Sahara Group blessed the newlywed couples and contributed generously towards the event.

On this event, Subrata Roy Sahara, Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar says that the aim behind Samuhik Vivah Samaroh is to improve the life of deprived sections of the society. It was a great effort by Sahara group to help the families of girls who are unable to perform the marriages of their daughter due to economical weaker background.

Sahara Group successfully created all the marriage arrangement like accommodation of the relatives, clothes, food, decoration of the venue, welcoming of the baraat, Kanyadaan etc. They also gifted 101 couples Rs. 1 lakh worth of basic household items to start their new life. The household items that were provided to couples were a double bed, television, almirah, refrigerator, dressing table, jewelry, suits to the groom, sarees for the bride and wrist watches
Sahara Group is indulged in these kinds of activities from quite long time. It has given a new hope to the weaker section of society. Its main vision of Sahara Group is to make significant change in social development. It has provides great opportunities to children with disabilities and weaker section of society to have a better living and to nurture their skills and talent so that they can overcome all prejudices.