Sahara Care House – a platform for NRI’s to reach out to their loved ones

Sahara India Pariwar is a well known India based organization which is headed by Subrata Roy Sahara. This India based company has diversified business interests that include Media and Entertainment, Real estate, Tourism and Hospitality, Finance and Trading, Mutual funds, Life Insurance, Information Technology, Sports, Film Production, City Development, health Care, Consumer products and more. Sahara care house which is an important part of Sahara India Pariwar was launched to help the Indian fraternity abroad to take care of their families and friends in India. They offer plenty of opportunities to such kind of people to reach out to their loved ones through a bunch of interesting activities in almost 197 cities across India. The aim of Sahara Care House is to provide wonderful personalized services to meet the needs of its customers worldwide and their families in India.
Sahara Care House has also organized organized Chandigarh carvinal in November 2008 for its members in India and for the families of its NRI members. This was a two day event which was thronged by hundred of Chandigarh citizens. The theme of this Carnival was Fun & Games. This event was successfully organized under the support of Samarthak Singh, Director, Chandigarh Tourism Board and Home Secretary, Chandigarh Administration Ram Niwas. The event attracted many people from the Chandigarh city and neighborhood areas.
According to Subrata Roy Sahara, “It was a great event and we feel delighted to work with Chandigarh Tourism Board. It would be difficult for us to present such colorful event without the help of Chandigarh Tourism Board. I sincerely thank Chandigarh Tourism Board for their cooperation. I feel delighted to be a part of Sahara Care House. “
The event became more meaningful by the presence of Diana Hayden. She was invited there to announce the winning name for the hitherto unnamed mascot of Chandigarh Carnival. The winning name of the event was selected through an interactive SMS process. This events has two musical nites and the performers were Bollywood star Shreya Ghoshal and internationally acclaimed band Sterio Nation. The laughter show was also the part of this carnival. The laughter show was presented by Khayali Saharan. Carnival also included an amusement park for children, food courts and many other cultural events.