Sahara India pariwars's Sahara Hospital conducted first elbow replacement surgery in UP

Sahara India Pariwar is a renowned business conglomerate in India which operates in various sectors like financial services, housing finance, real estate, infrastructure and housing, entertainment, life insurance, mutual funds, health care, hospitality, travel and tourism and consumer products. The main aim Of Sahara India Pariwar is to deliver quality services to its customers. Sahara Hospital in Lucknow is a great effort by Sahara Group in health care sector. It is a renowned hospital which has entered the health care sector with an aim to become the best and largest player in this fast growing sector.

Sahara Hospital has successfully placed Lucknow on the world map of destinations for healthcare of global standards by conducting first elbow replacement surgery in Uttar Pradesh. The elbow replacement surgery was performed few years back on the left elbow of a 20 year old computer engineer. The left elbow of the patient was severely deformed and bent due to some childhood injury. The elbow of that patient was completely deformed which even restricted the movement of the hand because of which he was unable to dress or eat with that hand. Also he started facing difficulty to use computers due to deformation in elbow.

The problem with his elbow was increasing with his age so he visited many places like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai etc to get a right treatment for this problem. Ultimately he visited Sahara Hospital in Lucknow to get a proper treatment for it and there his deformity was finally corrected by elbow replacement surgery which was conducted by Dr. Prasoon Kant Shamshery (Orthopedic surgeon, Sahara Hospital) in assistance of Dr. Gaurav (Assistant orthopedic Surgeon), Dr. A.S. Pandey (Assistant Orthopedic Surgeon) and Dr. Sandeep Pawar (Anesthetist). On successful completion of elbow replacement surgery, Subrata Roy Sahara, Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar congratulated the whole team of Orthopedic on their achievement. He said that we are delighted to have such orthopedic surgeons.

In this complicated elbow surgery, patient’s deformed bones were separated which securing the arteries and nerves around the elbow. After that the medullary cavity of bones were washed and reamed with pulsatile lavage. Later on prosthesis was inserted into the bones with the help of bone cement and a joint was connected. This first elbow replacement surgery in Uttar Pradesh was done in an ultra modern operation theatre with laminar flow which avoids the possibility of infection. PCA pump was provided to patient to eliminate the pain and it also helped in the immediate movement of the operated elbow.

According to Subrata Roy Sahara, Sahara Group has achieved a rare breakthrough by conducting first elbow replacement surgery in Uttar Pradesh.