Subrata Roy's Sahara India Pariwar developed Baikunth Dham at Ayodhya

Sahara India Pariwar or Sahara Group is a renowned organisation which is headed by Subrata Roy Sahara. This renowned organisation is working in different fields like Infrastructure and housing, Finance, media and Entertainment, Consumer products, Trading etc. Sahara Welfare foundation, the social development unit of Sahara India Pariwar is involved in social work in India. This social development unit has developed the cremation place Baikunth Dham at Ayodhya. The main aim behind the development of Baikunth Dham is to give due recognition to the importance of rites and rituals in human life.

According to Subrata Roy Sahara, It was important to give recognization to the importance of rites and rituals in human life; therefore we get into the development of Baikunth Dham. At this Dham all the necessary amenities have been endowed with at Lucknow, Gorakhpur and now at Ayodhya.
A proper event was organized by Sahara Group to give reorganization to this Dham at Ayodhya. To honour this event personalities like Shri Anil Garg - DM, Faizabad, Smt. Mithilesh Pandey – Chairman, District Municipal Corporation, Ayodhya and Senior officials from Sahara India Pariwar, Shri Vivek Sahay – Deputy General Manager, Sahara Welfare Foundation and Shri R.L Patel – Zonal Chief, Gorakhpur were present. The event was completed successfully and people really appreciated Sahara Group for the development of Baikunth Dham at Ayodhya. The special performance of bhajans at the event by singers specially called from Lucknow left the audience there spellbound.

This Baikunth dham at Ayodhya was developed in an area of 18786.77 sq. meters. This dham includes 6 shed for the dead bodies, 6 platforms for the performance of last rites, lavatories, caretaker’s room, shop and assembly halls. Also the facility of drinking water and a park is provided at this dham. Also the statue of lord Shiva has been installed at this dham. Lots of efforts have been taken by Sahara Group to keep the entire place neat, clean and pollution free.

Sahara group has been actively engaged in the development of India. Sahara Welfare foundation has a strong commitment for the progress and development of India. Sahara Welfare foundation is popular to provide quality services in India. This unit of Sahara Group has made many contributions till date. This unit of Sahara Group mainly works in the areas of alternative education, primary health care, rehabilitation of challenged people, behaviour change communication, developing skills, disaster relief and rehabilitation, providing support and help to family members of Kargil Martyrs' and many other activities for the development of India.