Subrata Roy’s success at being positive

When it comes to naming multi-faceted personalities, there are many who would say that Subrata Roy is a name that pops up in their mind almost instantly. It’s an unconventional choice but it is also a choice with merits because Subrata Roy is a man that has built a multi-billion dollar empire through sheer hard work, resilience and dedication. Along the way (and more importantly), Subrata Roy has built a loyal workforce/family that looks upon him with the utmost respect.

Life as we know, is not always a bed of roses and we all have problems to deal with and proverbial mountains to climb. Most of us in that phase of our lives tend to divert our energies into something negative.  Some of has however choose to channel our energies into something positive and Subrata Roy has done exactly that by writing a series of books from his present ‘lodging’, the first of which is called ‘Life Mantras’.

‘Life Mantras’ consists of Subrata Roy’s earnest musings on the important qualities and things in life. Some of these qualities and things are things like balance, love, respect, the value of time and money. Time and money have been explained in detail by Mr Subrata Roy who seems to hold both of them in equal and high regard. He is after all bound to have some things to say about what it takes to be successful in life in almost all areas. That is truly the crux of this beautiful book – attaining success in not just one but all the important spheres.

One of the main things that Mr Subrata talks about in this book is respect. He goes into detail about respect for specific things like time and money along with love and family. And he also has tips for maintaining a beautiful balance among all of those things. So the book is not only helpful in attaining success in the professional sphere but it also has wisdom that deals with leading a successful personal life as well. ‘Life Mantras’ is very complete and well-rounded sort of guide in life.