The secret of staying positive

Almost everyone at some points of time in their lives, have wondered or mused about the ‘secret’ to success. While there are many people who seem to offer advice on that topic with not much to show in terms of credentials, Subrata Roy is an exception. He is a man that has successfully started his own company with very little capital and gradually turned it into one of the biggest companies of the world. ‘Sahara’ is a company that was one of the first Indian companies to have a tangible global presence. It had interests in various sectors and was a thriving and flourishing business that employed millions of people at one point of time.

Subrata Roy is currently penning the sequel to his successful book, ‘Life Mantras’ which was released some time back. ‘Life Mantras’ is a book that is filled with pearls of wisdom relating to success. These pearls of wisdom emanate from Mr Roy’s life as a businessman and his various experiences during his life time. He has generously shared some of those experiences in detail throughout the book. Along with it being an interesting read, it is also a great guidebook to finding success in all the key areas of life.

There are amazing insights in the book about staying positive in life. It also has some meaningful words on handling one’s composure through the tough times. This was and remains to this day, Subrata Roy’s most inspirational quality. He has faced all of his life’s experiences with a great amount of humility and dignity. There are many men that will stand proudly when people talk of
their successes but there are very few men with enough guts to own up to their mistakes and take some responsibility. Subrata Roy has always been the man that takes responsibility for his actions.

He talks about the meaning and importance of ‘responsibility’ in great detail throughout his book, ‘Life Mantras’. Anybody that is looking to add some kind of structure to their lives should read this book. It has guidelines for attaining a peaceful work-life balance that most people can only dream about.