Sahara Group of Subrata Roy -Taking up Social Causes in India

The Sahara Group or the Sahara India Pariwar is headed by Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara who is the Managing Worker and Chairman. The Group claims that the Sahara India Pariwar has an all India presence. The Group has various business interests like Finance, Infrastructure and Housing, Media and Entertainment, Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Services and Trading etc. The Sahara Group’s profit sharing philosophy is claimed to be 40% towards welfare of Kartavyayogi workers, 35% towards Company net-owned funds and 25% towards social development activities.

The Sahara Group is a socially conscious business group. The Group has always tried to lend its name to social causes, patriotic causes and sporting ventures to build a image of trust amongst the Indian population. Sahara has developed a scheme whereby poor but meritorious students will be given scholarships. Financial assistance will be provided to the growing sporting talent. The facility of Mobile Health care Vans is started to provide primary health care to the needy in the district of Pune. Mobile Health care Vans will provide primary health care to the needy in the district of Pune. In addition to the existing 09 medical vans in Pune, Sahara Group is also operating 40 medical vans across the country which are running round the year.

Sahara Group has also taken up Social Causes in Gorakhpur. Sahara India Pariwar has proposed to allocate Rs. 10 crore to form a Medical Foundation. It wants to enable the local people those who are less privileged and belong to poor sections of the society to avail best possible medical facilities. Subrata Roy Sahara will also sponsor 1000 brilliant students every year for higher studies in renowned institutions. Sahara Group is providing health care facilities to the remotest rural areas where medical services do not exist.