Sahara India Pariwar built Vaikunthdham in Ghulabi Ghat in Patna

Shri Subrata Roy Sahara is a creative person in the true sense with a vision that goes beyond all boundaries. He is a man who has created a mega corporate empire. Today, under his guidance, Sahara India Pariwar has become synonymous with excellence in all aspects of its services and quality. It stands as a major conglomerate in the Indian Corporate world. His thoughts and beliefs are quite profound and deep. Subrata Roy Sahara, born in Araria, a small town of Bihar, in 1948, is the man who has built a large empire. He is one of the most powerful names in the Corporate world and The Chief Guardian" of the ‘World's Largest Family’ - Sahara India Pariwar.

Sahara India Pariwar is a major Indian corporate group with diverse business interests that includes Finance, Infrastructure and Housing, Media and Entertainment, Tourism and Hospitality, Consumables, Manufacturing and Services and Trading. The group was founded in 1978 by Subrata Roy. Sahara Group has interests in television, cinema, and newspaper. It has an entertainment channel called Sahara One and a news channel called Sahara Samay. Sahara India offers a range of consumer products and is developing one of the largest retail chains in India under the brand name Sahara Unique. Its product range includes Fashion & Lifestyle Products, Fitness and Leisure Products, Clothing, Jewellery etc.

The 35% of profit of Sahara India Pariwar goes towards Company’s Net owned fund, 25% goes towards Social Development activities and 40% towards the welfare of Kartavyayogi workers. Sahara India Pariwar has started and opened many projects for the benefit of the society. Sahara India Pariwar has taken many Disaster Management initiatives at the time of natural disasters. Sahara provided relocation, rehabilitation of victims and even reconstruction of the calamity struck areas. It is working towards health, education and nutrition programs for children and women, adult literacy and vocational training initiatives.

Recently, Sahara India Pariwar has built Vaikunthdham in Ghulabi Ghat in Patna. The Government of Bihar is planning to build 50 cremation centers across the state. It has already built 27 Centers. The land has been acquired and other activities are in progress in rest of the 23 projects. Sahara India Pariwar has been given the responsibility of maintaining it. Sushil Modi, Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar inaugurated Vaikunthdham Dham with the help of Sahara India Pariwar. On this occasion, many senior officers of Sahara India Pariwar were present along with Sushil Modi, Deputy Chief Minister and PWD Minister Prem Kumar. The Deputy Chief Minister gave thanks to Sahara Pariwar for taking initiative in this matter related to public cause.