Sahara Global initiative to promote State destinations in India

India, one of the famous tourist destinations that attracts people from all over the world. There are various tourist destination in this vast country. India is blessed with lots of historical monuments, forts, palaces, ancient temples, beaches, backwaters, hill stations and architectural sites. These attractions make it a must visit destination. However there are many people who are not aware about the major tourist places of India. Therefore, it is said that tourism is an important pillar for every country. It is important for India to promote tourism in order to generate economical, social and Cultural positive effects all at the same time.

Sahara Global of Sahara Group is an Integrated Travel & Tourism services provider. Sahara Global is the largest travel service provider in India. The main aim of this unit of Sahara Group is to enhance tourism in India and it has successfully achieve it by the a travel show named “Duniya Ki Sair” on the Samay Channel. This show depicted the art, history, culture, cuisines and other travel related information of destination in India through this show.
In association with various State Tourism Boards in India as well as International tourism boards it has successfully promoted places of tourist interest in each of the Indian States through this show. This show depicted different state of India along with their specialties, history, culture, cuisine and other special features. This half an hour episode of this show has successfully attracted many viewers and in consequence they have promoted the tourism of India. In half an hour show they used to present information on nightlife, culture, architecture, history, shopping areas, hotels, way to commute, easiest way to travel and airlines connected to the chosen destination.

To interact with the programme viewers this programme included a contest for the viewers in which participants were guarenteed to win a great prizes. According to Subrata Roy Sahara, Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar, “Duniya Ki Sair” was the great initiative by to promote tourism. Duniya Ki Sair successfully received attention and praise from travel professionals and in consequence, successfully promoted tourism of India.