Sahara One Motion Pictures coming with 3 films Directed by Sagar Ballary

Sahara One Motion Pictures is a brand name which is associated with outstanding and multitalented cinema. It has produced films like Corporate, Page 3, Hanuman and Dor among its projects. This company is one among the Subrata Roy’s large Sahara Group and in the business of producing, marketing and distributing feature films. Sahara One Motion Pictures continues its drive in the Indian movie industry with its initiatives in all areas of movie making.

Sahara One Motion Pictures of Mr. Subrata Roy’s Sahara Group, commissions ‘Bheja Fry' fame director Sagar Ballary. Mr. Ballary who has established his name and position in the comedy films will be directing three films for Sahara One Motion Pictures. Sagar has directed 'Bheja Fry' in a very small budget of sixty lacs. It has come up as one of the most commercially successful movies earning 12 crores. The script of the first film under this arrangement is in its final stages and the project shall be going on floor very soon. The plots for other two projects have also been finalized by Sahara One Motion Pictures and scripting of the films will start soon. Seemanto Roy son of Mr. Subrata Roy Sahara and Head of Sahara Media and Entertainment Business is of the opinion that this association with Mr. Sagar will provide quality and classic cinema.

Sahara group is working on remodeling of their motion pictures business. In a very short time, the audience will see many great movies from the stable of Sahara One Motion Pictures. Sagar Ballary also felt great pleasure to be associated with Sahara One Motion Pictures. After Bheja Fry, he wanted to provide a diverse platter to the audience and he is glad that Sahara One Motion Pictures has provided him that platform and a wider canvas. His first film with Sahara is another funny film called Kaccha Limboo. It is a story of a fat and foolish thirteen year old boy who is caught amidst conflicting worlds of peer-pressure, puppy love, family frustrations and high-school problems. Unable to adjust, he runs away from everything in an attempt to carve out a special identity for himself. The film is a super adventure and a complete family entertainer.