Sahara India Pariwar of Subrata Roy Sahara’s initiatives for social causes

Sahara India Pariwar which is headed by Subrata Roy Sahara, Chairman of Sahara India Pariwar is one of the renowned organizations. Sahara Group has various business interests like Infrastructure and housing, Finance, media and Entertainment, Consumer products, Trading etc. Sahara Welfare foundation, the social development unit of Sahara India Pariwar contributes number of social services in India. Sahara Group is engaged in social welfare projects from quite long time. Subrata Roy Sahara offers personal time to social causes. The main aim of Sahara welfare foundation is to provide quality services to the needful and underprivileged in India. Subrata Roy Sahara focus on assessing individual strength and needs, setting personal goals and providing an environment that that encourages individual to growth and development. Sahara Welfare foundation has made many contributions till date.

Mumbai Terror attack that has given great loss to India by taking away lives of many innocent common people, soldiers and police personnel. There were many brave sons who laid their life in the Mumbai terror attack for the nation and its people. In the memory of these gems of nation, Sahara India Pariwar salutes the brave Army, NSG and Police personnel for their bravery and sacrifice. Sahara Group decided to pay per month an amount equivalent to five times the total salaries of the individuals who sacrificed their live in Mumbai terror attack for the next ten years to their families. They also promised to continue the same if their children are not mature until they reach 21 years of age. According to Subrata Roy Sahara it was just a token of tribute from Sahara India Pariwar. According to Subrata Roy Sahara, it is our responsibility to take full care of the families and pay highest respect to the families who lost their brave sons in the terror attack.

Also, Sahara Group offered a help to the flood victim of Orissa by donating Rs. 51 Lac to Chief Relied Fund. Sahara India Pariwar provided relocation, rehabilitation to the victims of Orissa flood. Sahara Group has also provided help to the affected people during earthquake of Latur and Bhuj and during floods in the states of Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh, drought in Rajasthan and tsunami in the coastal areas. The initiative that Sahara Group took for the social development of the country is worth praising. It is a good initiative by Sahara India Pariwar towards the development of country.