Life Mantras - The voice of Saharashri Subrata Roy

With a background as strong as his you can be sure of the fact that whatever Subrata Roy has to say it will be worthwhile and a good read. He is the brain as well as vision behind the great Sahara Empire and was also responsible for driving it to its landmark achievements. What’s more he successfully managed over 12 lakh employees! Managing such a large number of employees is no joke, it sure takes a certain amount of wisdom, skill, and discernment to work in the skill-set and motivations of so many employees and incorporate it into the growth and progress of building Sahara. In his book Life Mantras, Saharashri Subrata Roy talks about what experiences in life have taught him. His book is part of a trilogy and covers a wide variety of topics, which are segmented clearly for the easy understanding of the reader. Apart from the contents of the book is the fact that the author completed this book while in still in jail. For most people, getting involved in a trail and custody would not be digested positively but here is an individual who chose to turn the situation around and look at the silver lining in cloud – he took to completing a book that he started writing much earlier.

Only a self-made man can credibly talk of the power of depending on yourself to make accomplish and fulfil his ambitions. He talks of how one must not depend on others to help one to achieve something or become something in life, this in a nutshell can be called as being ‘made of substance’. Many an entrepreneur/ businessman could draw strength from this brutally true yet motivational line. Subrata Roy also talks of the three jewels of life that make it more fulfilling and make the most of it. Life Mantras just like its name suggests is a mantra of things that one should take into account to make the most of this gift called life.