Subrata Roy – A man you just can’t ignore.

Subrata Roy is a man that you can hate or love (intensely) but you simply cannot ignore. The man has built a multi-billion dollar international empire through sheer hard work, determination and good will – all of them qualities that we look for in people as a sign of their inherent good nature. Why then, you may ask is such a man languishing by falling out-of-favor especially in the media glare. There is no simple answer to that query. However, in all of the hoopla surrounding the fiasco, one thing is for sure and that is that Subrata Roy has never publicly spoken in detail about his take on the whole fiasco.
While you may debate about why he chose to keep mum on the issue, again you have to admit that there are no easy answers in this situation. But there’s finally a silver lining in sight – Subrata Roy is releasing his memoir (finished by him in jail) today called ‘Life Mantras’. The book is essentially Subrata Roy’s self-help gift to the world wherein he waxes eloquent on some of the virtues and ethics that he followed throughout his life including his dizzying success. It sheds light on some of his life philosophies as well. And last but not the least; the book also has some accounts of his time spent building his company from scratch.

For a man who spent 37 years of his life building his business empire, it seems really unfair that all of it could come crashing down in a mere span of months. However, it seems that Subrata Roy is a very resilient man. He has shown virtually no signs of weakness and the loyalty that his company commanded has only marginally diminished. Reading his book will give us a better sense of what goes on in the making of a multi-billion dollar empire and also inside one of India’s greatest entrepreneur’s mind.