The inspiration behind Subrata Roy Sahara’s Life Mantras

Life is unpredictable and can often serve to shock you by upsetting your regular lifestyle. One moment everything is going smoothly and the next second all is upturned by a sudden storm. And perhaps this sums up the happenings of Subrata Roy’s life. Also known as Saharasri, he is a man who is self-made and single-handedly setup the great Sahara empire. The experience of being roped in a judicial custody and confined to a dingy prison cell can shake any individual’s foundations, but it is not the case with a strongly rooted person as Subrata Roy. Instead of focusing on the darkness of the hour, Subrata has chosen to bring light into this bleak moment of his life and completed the book he had been writing titled Life Mantras. In his book, he has highlighted his musings and wisdom that has stemmed from his experiences. It focuses on a way to acquire three jewels in life, namely, happiness, contentment, and peace. Any man with these three jewels of life stands to be rich no matter what the situations in his life look like. In spite of being separated from loved ones, home, and the good lifestyle he always enjoyed, Saharasri Subrata chose to remind himself of his beliefs and morals and pen them down in a book that might help others in getting new perspective. There are few people who would like to remain positive and productive even when situations don’t let them do so, and Subrata Roy stands tall among such people. In spite of the claims charged against him, Subrata Roy has yet again proved his point by writing a book with a philanthropic philosophy that can benefit others. Apart from these philosophies, Subrata Roy has conveyed to his readers that the power to make something of themselves lies within their own hands. This book is sure to be a brilliant read.