Subrata Roy finally breaks his silence

The name Subrata Roy triggers really passionate responses and reactions in people. It doesn’t matter whether you think that the man is a modern day prophet or the greatest impostor on Earth, your reaction is going to be passionate. However, our reactions have only been based on the media’s perspective of the case; we haven’t had a chance to hear from the man at the center of this giant whirlpool, until now.
Subrata Roy has surprised the world (again) with the release of the first book in his three-part memoir – ‘Life Mantras’, today. The book is a take on Subrata Roy’s life affirmations and the wisdom he has gained throughout his colorful and eventful life. It was written by him on/off for a few years but finished during his recent incarceration at Tihar jail- Asia’s largest prison. The foreword of the book (written by Subrata himself) goes on to explain Subrata’s intention with this book. In it he mentions how he never pursued business management in the conventional sense and instead focused on ‘human management and understanding human life in totality’.
The book also promises to shed some light on the time spent by the Sahara honcho in his jail cell and how he went about dealing with the ‘emotional outrage’ he felt at the time. We finally get to hear from the man who ‘started his company in 1978 with a capital of Rs.2000 and just 3 workers’. His point of view or perspective about life has never been fully echoed in public and that is why this book- launch matters, it gives voice to Subrata Roy’s opinions once and for all.

A recent alarming trend that I have observed is the propensity of the public to disregard any previous achievements of a person and also declaring a person guilty or not (based on media reports) before the court has decided on a final verdict. It is especially appalling if the person in question has not had a chance to put his perspective across. This book launch is Subrata Roy’s chance of putting his perspective out in the public. And it should be respected just like you would respect any other citizen’s right to voice his/her opinions.