Why I want to read Subrata Roy’s book titled Life Mantras

A wise person once said, “situations can make or break you”. You can either let the situation affect you and your outlook or you can see how to make the most of it. Life Mantras written by Saharasri Subrata Roy isn’t an autobiography but rather a philosophy of sorts derived from his current as well as past life scenarios. Having been imprisoned since 2014, Subrata Roy has indeed faced hardships. The judicial case launched against him has not only shaken his empire but also the perception people have of him. It may seem hard to form an idea of who Saharasri really is but as the saying goes ‘as a man thinketh so he is’. Life Mantras is Saharasri Subrata Roy’s reflection of his mind and the life experiences/ jewels that he dwells on. Being in jail may have confined him physically but Subrata decided that four walls could not confine his free-spirited mind and his generous heart to share his knowledge with the world. Managing a business as large as Sahara India not only helped Subrata Roy perfect his business skills but also helped him gather knowledge on understanding human life. Having successfully managed over 12 lakh workers under him he also strove to implement his philosophy of ‘Collective Materialism’, which propagates collective growth. Although now in jail and not heading his employees, Subrata has not stopped putting forward this philosophy and has completed a trilogy titled Thoughts from Tihar. The books in this trilogy are titled as Life Mantras, Think with Me, and Reflections from Tihar, all of which are philanthropic in nature and shed light on how to have a more fulfilling life full of happiness, contentment, and peace. Although not an autobiography, his book talks of his real-life experiences and involves you in their rawness. It may seem as one among many books but I’d like to hear the thoughts of a man who has gone through so much and still chooses to follow his philanthropic heart.