Saharasri’s Life Mantras to turn challenges into opportunities

Lost time is never found again. So, it is important to utilize time effectively like Saharasri Subrata Roy. In spite of being in the unfortunate custody of the Asia's largest prison, he has never forgotten the value of time. Time is free, but yet its priceless, and Subrata Roy has managed to utilize his time meritoriously and write this thought and completed this beautiful book called Life Mantras.

From a successful business man to a philosophical author, the first of his trilogy, Life Mantra is an outcome of his time spent well. He was inspired to write this book through the lessons that he has learnt throughout his life. He has creatively conveyed the way to live life with happiness, contentment and peace. We can turn challenges into opportunities when we understand the basic truths and the realities of life, and be ready to face them at any hour of time. The key is to trust in yourself and to face every challenge with confidence. The bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity to prove your worth to the world. As you get engrossed in the potent energy of Life Mantras, you will slowly see yourself change all in a good way, you will experience a sense of fulfilment, and will feel self-motivation coming into you.
Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt. Only by being open to change will you have a true opportunity to get the most out of your skills and talent. Here, the book beautifully explains of how an ordinary person can live a peaceful, happy and contented life just by slightly changing his attitude by shifting his priorities and by making a bit behavioural adaptation. While reading it you will see your confusions regarding your life vanishing away, and the complexities of psychology or philosophy will become so simple and will be in your reach. You will be able to make your own way of desired success into the world.